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Hi, I'm Erin Kelly and I'm a makeup addict turned professional makeup artist. I am a licensed esthetician & a certified makeup artist currently working in Wilmington, NC, with over 10 years of experience. I am happy to travel wherever my work takes me. 

While my main focus these days is on wedding and event makeup, I have experience working on a variety of sets, including editorial, film, and special effects.


My goal with each and every client, is to make sure they not only feel confident when they leave my chair, but that they still feel like themselves with makeup on. I'm big on soft glam, enhancing facial features, and creating skin like texture with a glow from within.

It is also extremely important to me, that anyone who sits in my chair feels accepted, loved, and welcomed. Come as you are. I am an inclusive artist. There is no tolerance for hate in my chair.

Thank you in advance for trusting me to be a part of your life events, big or small. 


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